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Meet Fashion Designer Natt Taylor: 2015 BELK stores competition winner

Meet Jersey Girl, Natt Taylor who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She was an accountant in corporate America who stepped outside her comfort zone, deciding to fulfill her dreams in becoming a fashion designer. Natt designs clothing with the modern woman in mind. Her designs are sophisticated, chic, and created to flatter the body shape of most women.

Rebel Lifestyle had the pleasure of speaking with the talented designer. We got to know the woman behind these fashionable designs, exploring her passion for the fashion industry. What started as a small business, selling her designs to friends, coworkers, and boutiques; she has now been given the opportunity to have an exciting partnership with BELK. Her newly collection is preparing to hit BELK stores in the spring of 2016. She is truly a REBEL at her best. Keep your eyes and ears open. You do not want to miss this highly anticipated collection!

Rebel Lifestyle: What is your background in fashion and how long have you been designing?

Natt: My background is in accounting actually. I’ve been designing since 2005, when I started my company. I began my career as a seamstress, and then that lead to sewing for other people and creating basic pieces for their wardrobe and from that I developed a collection.

Rebel Lifestyle: When did you decide to transition from being an accountant to a fashion designer?

Natt: I think a big part of it was when I realized I wasn’t happy in corporate America. I don’t even know if it was corporate America or just the job that I was in. While I was there you have so many restrictions as far as what you can wear and what you can do. There was a color restriction. So I would go and take the linings out of my jackets and replace them with the brightest colors ever. I think that speaks to me as far as being a creative person. You can’t just look at the same thing every single day; it starts to bother you. So what I would do just as an outlet; was sketch on little notepads. I think in those moments was when I was really transitioning; I didn’t realize it until I started making money from it. Then I was like “OK”. I have a business going. Let me see how far I can take this. I started doing fashion shows. And just seeing the reaction from my clients, they would wear a dress and it’s like, “Oh”! I got a great response from that. After a while more and more people started to buy. I was like let me just try this out if not now; at least I can say that I tried it.

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