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It’s Time To Let Your Skin Do The Talking

Nothing feels better than fresh, clean, smooth, and radiant skin! Right?

So, put down the make-up and harsh products! It is time to let our skin do all the talking. When you have fresh clean skin you don’t have to mask it. You can feel confident and beautiful stepping out of your house without a cover up because your skin becomes its own “make-up”. Not only do you look and feel better with good skin care you also look younger. So here are some helpful skin care tips for the face and body to bring out your best skin yet!

The Prep

Gentle Exfoliation- Exfoliation takes off the dead skin cell layer on top of your skin. With exfoliation you get softer, smoother, and more youthful skin. There are many products out on the market that exfoliate your skin. I prefer simple exfoliating gloves. Slip them on and gently exfoliate your face and body in small outward circles. JUST BE CAREFUL not to over do it or exfoliate too hard because you can cause redness and rub burns. YIKES!

The Foundation

Face Washes- There are so many products out there its easy for them to all seem the same. Try to look for face washes with low alcohol content and have more natural ingredients. The one I currently use is the Deep Facial Cleanser from Devonne by Demi. It’s light, works amazing and makes me feel refreshed. Not all face washes fit all skin types. Make a log of what product you are using and for how long to get an idea of what works best for you.

Body Soaps- As for soaps, look for one with maximum amount of moisturizer in it. Some of these ingredients are different kinds of oils and aloe. Try to stay from the hash chemical bacteria killers in your soap. Think of it as lotion for the shower. You DO NOT want a soap that makes your skin feel stretched and dry. It will make you look well beyond your years.

The Make-Up

Moisturizers – The make-up. In a moisturizer you obviously want something that isn’t going to dry out your skin. The moisturizer seals in all the work you just did with your face wash. Pick a moisturizer that promotes hydration with natural ingredients, and has some SPF in it. Ingredients like dimethicone and petrolatum will even out lines and lock in water. This will help achieve that even skin tone you’ve been wanting. If you are struggling with acne you can find great moisturizers that have gentle acne treatments in them. I use the 3-1 Primer from Devonne by Demi. It is light, smooth, soft, smells great and shows results.

Lotions – Lotions will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful all day long…if you pick a good one. You want a lotion to be thick and full of moisturizers and vitamins. If your lotion has more of a water consistency it may end up drying out your skin instead of helping it. I prefer Bath and Body Works lotions because they are thick and rich of good healthy ingredients and have so many scents to chose from. They also now have body creams that upgrade the experience for you skin.

Hope this helps, and remember with great skin care comes great confidence!! Gain that youthful radiant skin and strut your stuff! You are powerful. You are beautiful!!

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