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How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Are you a makeup junkie? Have you invested in good make up brushes? Did you know brushes are essential to every woman’s makeup kit? Well, if you didn’t, let me fill you in. Good quality brushes creates that polished look you want, when you are applying your makeup. Makeup brushes can be expensive, that’s why it’s very important to take care of your brushes. Everyone wants to get the most out of the brushes they invest in. After so many uses, brushes will cake up a lot of oils and residue, from your skin and makeup. Do you clean your brushes? Do you think you clean your brushes enough?

Rebel Beauty Question: How often should we clean our makeup brushes?

A. Once a week

B. Once a month

C. Not often enough

If you answered B, you are absolutely correct. Many experts believe cleaning your brushes once a month should be enough. Because oils and residue from your face breeds bacteria, which you can return back to your face. This bacteria can cause breakouts. But when you think about it, who really cleans their brushes as much as they should? How do you know when your brushes need to be cleaned? Your brush is no longer soft and it is very cakey. If you have not given this any thought, you really should. Remember your face is your billboard; it is the first thing people look at.

In the meantime, use a light scented soap, such as detergent or baby soap, with warm water to clean your brushes. You can also invest in a good brush cleanser. You can find this at your local Sephora or Ulta make up counter. When cleaning your brushes wash them with care. Be very gentle when cleaning your brushes, because brushes can lose its shape and texture. Most importantly, it is your investment.

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