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Exclusive Interview with Alli Simpson

Alli Simpson is a simple girl in an extraordinary world, with a gorgeous smile and darling personality. On the flip side she’s a host, model, dancer, singer, actress and fashion columnist. Recently, Alli joined the team at Disney to host her own radio show “The Alli Simpson Show” making her the youngest nationally syndicated radio host ever.

Rebel Lifestyle caught up with Alli, discussing her love for beauty and fashion, and life as a radio host.

Rebel Lifestyle: How would you describe your style?

Alli: All Me! What better way to describe my style than simply just ME! I am very chill, I love, love, love to accessorize and be creative. Nothing is ever too much. I love to dress with the Hippie/Gypsy vibe. Doing my own style makes me feel independent and groovy!

Rebel Lifestyle: Where do you think your passion for fashion comes from?

Alli: Honestly I think it has just formed naturally as I’ve gotten older. When I was young, I was not into fashion as much. Now, I am finding my own personal style. My love and admiration for what other people are wearing is making my passion stronger! I did learn a lot from my Mom.

Rebel Lifestyle: What is the one item you cannot leave the house without?

Alli: A smile and my phone, if I’m being a little more specific.

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