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Eat Your Sunblock

We know that lasting beauty starts from within with a healthy diet. But did you ever hear about an edible alternative to one of the top summer staples in your beach bag—your sunblock?

Along with that unmistakable tang of SPF 30 spicing up your summer memories, you can ward off sunburn and the damaging effects of UV rays by increasing your consumption of tomatoes. Multiple studies have proven that lycopene, a carotenoid prevalent in tomatoes, protects the skin from burning as well as from potential long-term damage.

If you want to give your skin an extra line of defense while you’re soaking up the rays, try to incorporate about three tablespoons or more of tomato paste into your daily diet. A concentrated product like tomato paste packs a greater punch than raw tomatoes, which is where you’ll get the most lycopene. Casey Barber from TODAY calls tomato paste a “pantry MVP” that many home cooks often overlook, and with a quick search online, you can find multiple ways to innovate your favorite recipes with this hearty taste-booster.

Another plus? The virtues of tomatoes don’t end at burn prevention. Tomatoes also increase overall skin health and eye strength; they can even help lower the risk of cancer and high blood pressure. When you’re getting some color this summer, consider the cupboard for an additional skincare must.

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