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A Lesson From the Peanut

Are you really committed to being the best you? When you take inventory of where you are, be sure to not overlook what seems to be insignificant.

There is more inside of you. You just have to surround yourself with the people who are able to see and unlock the trapped treasures of your personhood. You were created with a multifaceted ability to impact this world. You are more than a parent, a child, employee, or student. Oftentimes, we reduce ourselves to being what is required and never sprout into what was intended.

Imagine if George Washington Carver interpreted the peanut to only be a nut and nothing more. Gratefully, he saw beyond what it was and focused on what it could be. After careful consideration of its potential he found over 300 uses for peanuts. How many other people had seen the peanut and failed to maximize its manifold strengths? For years, people could only relate to the peanut as what it had been and not what it could be. I’m sure that if the peanut could speak it would express its gratitude to Mr. Carver, because someone finally saw and explored the depths of its capabilities.

Even now, some may see you only as a nut (I know some people who think that I am), but I know that there is more in you. Do not be surrounded by individuals who attempt to restrict you to yesteryear’s version of you. Your panoramic view of your relationships should be filled with individuals who point out attributes, characteristics, talents, and abilities that you have never considered. Take a listen from the peanut and ensure that what you have to give and what is inside of you is being assisted and developed by those who are around you.


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